Top TV Shows of 2018

My kryptonite. TV shows. I honestly think I watch to many at least for someone who is not getting paid to watch them. I wish I was that would be a dream, but I rather be a civil rights lawyer who receives little pay. But do entertainment journalist get paid that well? Anyway I watched 30 shows last year and it was a wild ride. Here is how they all made me feel.

  • 13 Reasons Why (S2)
  • Shameless (S8)
  • How to Get Away With Murder (S4)
  • The Flash (S4)
  • Rise (Cancelled after Season 1)
  • The Punisher (S1)
  • Riverdale (S2)
  • The Affair (S4)

This was also a year the shows ended. Three shows I was watching ended and one show I binged until the end. Here are the shows that are no longer with us.


  • Scandal
  • The Fosters
  • Timeless
  • More on these later
  • The Fosters
  • ​I heard about the show before but never thought much of it until I started it on Netflix on a whim. I became drawn in by the drama, and I Live For Drama. This show is a lot but will forever get an A-plus for representation and for tackling real issues. When I found out it was going to be canceled, I was bummed, but I understood. It seemed like the show was losing some steam near the end. The finale was okay. (The Callie Brendon storyline needed to end like season 2) But it set up Callie and Mariana for their new series which I am excited to check out.

Honorable Mentions

5. Grace and Frankie (S4)

  • Always a good laugh and Good Time with Grace and Frankie.

4. Champions (Cancelled after Season 1)

  • The characters were great and the writing was classic Mindy.

3. Black Lightening (S1)

  • It’s a black superhero family what’s not to love. I was surprised at how good this was. While it was classic CW superhero show and has its flaws, it’s a good entertaining show.

2. Timeless (S2) – RIP

  • This show could have been SOOO good. At times it was SSSOOO good. But it was not a rating hit, so it had to die. It was good enough though that fans brought it back from the cancelation multiple times. As a lover of history, this show was practically perfect for me. It was witty, fun, and did not take itself too seriously. The finale shows just how great the show was and I’m sad to see it end but grateful that it existed…whoa that was really cheesy.

1. Scandal (S7) – RIP

  • There isn’t any amount of words to describe what this show meant to me. It inspired my majors in college. It showed me that a black woman can do what I ultimately wanted to maybe do, even if it is a TV show. Thank you, Shonda Rhimes and Kerry Washington, for bringing this show and Olivia Pope to life. While there were plenty of bumps, seasons 4 and 6, there were plenty of good moments. I will forever dream of making jam in Vermont.

Top 15

15. This is Us (S2)

  • Last year this was in my top 15. It still made me cry almost every episode, but I don’t know. It wasn’t that This is Us was bad, it’s just that other shows were better.

14. Jane the Virgin (S4)

  • MICHAEL IS BACK. I DON’T KNOW IF HE IS ALIVE. I DON’T KNOW IF IT’S REALLY MICHAEL. BUT HE IS BACK. This show is ending next season, and it’s a good thing to not overstay its welcome. This show has been incredible from the beginning, and I’m excited and a little anxious about how they are going to end it.

13. For the People (S1)

  • I am a sucker for shows about the law and lawyers. This was a new interesting spin on the typical law show, and it’s good. Showing both sides of the law and the people involved is intriguing, and I’m excited that there is going to be a season two.

12. The Bold Type (S1-2)

  • Where do I begin with this show? I heard of it but never cared for watching it. One of my friends said I should watch it, so I gave it a show. I regret and love that decision at the same time. This show is a hot mess, but I love it. It tries to tackle too many issues at once, but it tackles the right issues. This group messes up 10x an episode and apologize like it’s all fine, but I can’t stop watching. Jacqueline Carlyl is the shero we don’t deserve.

11. The Handmaid’s Tale (S2)

  • Another show that was in my top five, I think it was number one last year, that has dropped down. Kind of like This Is Us it wasn’t that the second season was bad it’s just other shows were better. It did suffer from the sophomore slump a little but did a great job of continuing to show the horror of Gilead. I was happy that this season gave more material to Yvonne Strahovski’s Serena Joy. She started off, and still is to an extent, the evilest character of the show as the one who was instrumental in creating Gilead. However, she also has the most potential for growth which we got to see in the last couple of episodes in season two. June, on the other hand, continues to frustrate me. She just doesn’t listen. And I’m not talking about the Gilead authority. She doesn’t listen to the people who are trying to help her, and they are the ones who end up being punished or killed. She stayed behind in the finale, and I understand why I just hope other people don’t get hurt because of her.

10. One Day at a Time (S1-2)

  • A family comedy is an essential part of sitcom lore, and we don’t get much of them these days. Or we have them, and I just don’t watch them. But I am glad I watched this one. It’s funny and real. Rita Moreno is a national treasure.

9. Dear White People (S2)

  • I didn’t know if the second season would hold up after a great first season. But I would argue that the second season surpassed the first. In an ensemble show some characters often get lost in the background, but not here. Each character gets their fair share of screen time and growth this season. Not only did they focus on the individual character arcs, they kept the long running mystery of the secret society intriguing. And the revel of the narrator at the end made an exciting cliffhanger for season three.

8. grown-ish (S1)

  • I never watched black-ish as intensely as I should, but I was excited about this spin-off following the oldest Johnson child. This show is basically A Different World for this generation which means it’s great. It shows real-life situations, it has representation, and it’s clever and funny. What more can you ask for?

7. GLOW (S2)

  • This show only got better in season 2. I was a young closeted wrestling fan in middle school. I taped Monday Night Raw so I could watch in on Fridays before Smackdown. (I was not allowed to watch TV during the week) I purchased WrestleMania 23 with my own money. So, when this show appeared last year I was excited. Women taking center stage. I feel like the writers this season wrote the characters based on the actors’ strengths. It had more action and growth to a satisfying in and an anticipated Season 3.

6. The Crown (S2)

  • This show is just fantastic. Clair Foy embodies the Queen and gives a glimpse of the women underneath The Crown. But this season she was helped by strong performances by Matt Smith and Vanessa Kirby as Philip and Margaret respectively. This season the writers this season gave Philip and Margaret interesting and full storylines that ultimately culminated in my favorite episode of the series so far. The show pealed back on what made a young Prince Philip the eventual tough and stoic Duke of Edinburgh. While I know this show is probably fairly inaccurate, for the show’s purposes, seeing Philip kneel in Elizabeth’s lap brought this crop of Crown stars story to a fitting end.

5. Insecure (S3)

  • I love Issa. Real Issa and TV Issa. TV Issa and Molly showed some major growth this season along with Kellie and Tiffany. This season reminded me more of one of my all-time favorite show Girlfriends. When any combination of the crew is together it’s entertaining and real TV (the Coachella episode deserved some Emmys). It was a big step forward for the characters, and the show and I’m excited for the next step in their journey.

4. Queer Eye (S1-2)

  • I don’t know what took me so long to watch this show, but I’m glad I did. I cried during almost every episode. This Fab 5 are inspirational. When they help their “hero,” they help the audience too. I’m obsessed with these guys, and my body isn’t ready for Season 3.

P.S. Who knew that a simple haircut can make a man good looking.

3. Killing Eve (S1)


2. The Good Place (S2)

  • The smartest show on TV. I binged the first season on Netflix because people were talking about the ending being one of the greatest. They were right, and the show just keeps getting better. They are taking a subject that is boring and making it interesting and thoughtful. Viewers learn actual real-life lessons through this group of characters. In the finale, they once again unexpectedly altered the direction of the show and I can’t wait to see what they do next.

1. The Americans (S1-6) – RIP

  • What can I say about this show? It has been on my binge list for a while. I started it after Matthew Rhys won the Emmy for Best Actor in a Drama Series and it was full steam ahead until I finished the series. This show is smart and sexy. The series kept the tension throughout simply because the Russian spies were living next to an FBI agent. That alone would have been a compelling series. But the show’s writers added layers and layers throughout the series and that came through mainly because of the actors at the center. Rhys and Keri Russel as Philip and Elizabeth Jennings were iconic. This is especially evident in the last season. Philip wants out of the game and Elizabeth is more loyal than ever. This put them at a standstill, but they still loved each other. I am still digesting the garage and train scene. All I can say is this show is probably the greatest show I have ever seen…until the Good Place ends. I’m sure that it will top it.

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