Top Music of 2018 Part 2: Albums

I don’t listen to a lot of albums, and the ones I do end up being from years past. #HeatherstheMusical is the best thing that has ever been created. I’m just four years too late. Like I said last year, not a lot of artists put out complete albums. The artists that do I seem to not listen to. Whoopsies. Anyway here are my Top 5 albums of 2018. I only listened to 7 I think, and one is not even worth mentioning.

Honorable Mention

Living Proof – State Champs

Very top heavy. The first half of the album is some of their best work and then one song in the last few. The rest is just okay.

5. Everything is Love – Beyonce and her Husband

Simple. Beyonce got bars. Her great-great-great grandchildren already rich

4. Bobby Tarantino II – Logic

I just discovered Logic this year. I think most people did. With the hype surrounding his 1-800-273-8255 hit last year, I was interested in his back catalog. This is when I discovered the hype, even if misplaced, was real especially his Young Sinatra mixtapes. I fell in love with some songs from the Young Sinatra mixtapes. So, when he dropped this new project, I was interested in seeing what his other alter ego was like. While not as consistent to me as the Young Sinatra mixtapes, I knew that this guy was the real deal and was excited about what he was going to drop next. More on this later.

3. Youngblood – 5 Seconds of Summer

When 5SOS first came out so many people called them a boy band and fangirls were wild. I was too cool for that so I couldn’t like them either. In public anyway. I got over that when their second album came out. It was better than their debut, but I also knew that it could be better. I waited for 3-years to see if they could, and I was surprised by the result. I’m not usually a fan of my pop-punk bands going more electronic. At first, I was a little disappointed, but after giving it multiple listens, I fell in love with the songs and realized that this sound fits 5 Seconds of Summer so well. They were successful in mixing these 80s inspired synths and the pop-punk style that I fell in love with.

2. Cardi B – Invasion of Privacy

Probably the most anticipated rap album this year. After Bodak Yellow, a lot of people had expectations for Cardi’s debut, and she delivered. The album is full of bops which is exactly what I expected from Cardi. From the fantastic opening song on down Cardi provide an album full of fun songs that I will be listening to for a while.

1. YSIV – Logic

So, when he decided to drop YSIV only a couple of months I was expecting a great project. He didn’t disappoint. I don’t often listen to full albums all the way through, but Logic makes you as he tells a story. I am now on my way to being an annoying Logic stan.

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