Top Theater of 2018

The other ones

  • Victims of Duty
  • Hello Dolly!
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

5. On Your Feet! The Story of Emilio & Gloria Estefan (Broadway in Chicago)

The 2016 Tony’s was life changing in the fact that It got me into so many musicals. Two of which I was lucky to see this year. On Your Feet! was the most fun I had at the theater. Jukebox musicals are arguably the best. Putting pop songs on Broadway is probably the best idea anyone has ever had. The music of Gloria Estefan is straight bops, and the musical did a great job of telling her and Emilio’s story through their music. The last song was legit a concert, and I’m glad I got to attend.

4. The Color Purple Musical (Broadway in Chicago)

The second musical I needed to see post-2016 Tony’s was the Color Purple. Cynthia Erivo killed me and brought me back to life with her voice. Her version of I’m Here makes me feel like I found Jesus. This led to me discovering The Color Purple (Reprise), and I listen to it every time I’m feeling down, and it lifts my spirits. I knew going into it that I Celie would not be played by Cynthia and that disappointed me a little, but I knew very quickly that I didn’t need to worry about that. THE COLOR PURPLE TOURING CAST CAN SANG!! Every actor had an amazing voice, and the actress who played Celie did an incredible job!

p.s. Sofia is me. I am Sofia

3. Beautiful: The Carole King Musical (Broadway in Chicago)

This was the first musical me and mom went to see on our new live theater journey. We saw the commercial on TV, and 20 minutes later we bought tickets on SeatGeek (thank you YouTube). I did not know much about Carole King besides that she wrote You Make Me Feel (Like a Natural Woman) that was made famous by Aretha Franklin. Seeing this musical showed me all the hit songs that Carole King wrote. Carole King in my mother’s works is a “bad chick.” From The Locomotion to the Gilmore Girls theme song King did it all while dealing with a pretty crappy personal life. Carole King is a legend, and I’m glad I got to see the show.

2. Tootsie (Broadway in Chicago)

This is the only one of our Broadway in Chicago subscription shows on the list. It was also a Broadway preview. I’m glad I got to see it because I probably won’t be able to go to New York to see it. I knew a little bit about the movie before but not enough for me to know how funny it could be. This show is hilarious. Santino Fontana is brilliant in this. Not only his comedic timing but his singing. It takes a talented singer to sing the male and female part of Michael/Dorthy. The whole show is incredible, and I can’t wait to get the Original Cast album when it comes out.

1. Wicked the Musical (West End)

When my friends and I went to London the one thing I really wanted to try to do was to see a West End show. It came down to School of Rock and Wicked. I would have been happy to see either one. But I’m oh so glad that we saw Wicked. I knew Defying Gravity and For Good from Glee and others from when I played the some of the highlights in band. But I didn’t know the emotion and just greatness of the musical until I saw it with my own eyes. The music is incredible. The story is incredible. It was just incredible. I cried during Defying Gravity. There was a whole part of the song that wasn’t included in the Glee version that just wrecked my soul. This whole musical wrecked my soul. I’m upset I missed the Idina Kristin era, but I’m glad I saw it nonetheless. It was the best thing I saw this year, and my new favorite musical overall in life.

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